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Andy Beckerman and Mark Bisi formed Wrestling Team in 2003 in Pittsburgh, PA. They began as a sketch comedy duo, writing and producing filmed sketches and performing live for uninterested crowds at local punk rock shows. In July of 2009, the duo moved to New York City to pursue Wrestling Team full time, eventually branching out into producing longform narrative stage shows and independent TV pilots.

Together, Mark and Andy co-created the interview podcast Beginnings, the independent pilot Grumpkin Hollow, the web series Cents and Cents’ Abilities and the stage musicals Rockefeller Centaur and The Creep Twins. Grumpkin Hollow was a finalist in the 2012 New York Television Festival Comedy Central Pilot Competition. Beginnings also competed as part of The Earwolf Network’s podcast challenge, hosted by UCB founder Matt Besser. Recently, Mark and Andy have started concentrating more on their own projects. Whether working together or individually, Mark and Andy’s style is marked by absurdity, but at the same time, there is always a core of emotional honesty.

Mark Bisi is a filmmaker, writer, actor and musician, just like everyone else who lives in Brooklyn. His writing has appeared on the web at Adult Swim, National Lampoon and The Date Report. He has been performing live comedy in New York for the past five years, sometimes successfully. Mark co-created the web series Two Chairs Two Beers, and directed the horror-comedy film Sick Days and the short film The Fight. With the comedy duo Wrestling Team he co-created the indie pilot Grumpkin Hollow (NYTVF/Comedy Central Finalist), the stage musicals Rockefeller Centaur (UCB) and The Creep Twins (Boston Comedy Arts Festival), the Channel 101 series Cents and Cents’ Abilities and the interview podcast Beginnings (Earwolf Challenge). Pouring from a glass water bottle at brunch makes Mark feel like a big shot. Auditioning for a commercial about a magician who makes farts disappear does not.

Andy Beckerman has been writing and performing comedy in New York City since 2009. He writes for music magazines like Dusted and comedy sites like AdultSwim.com and Splitsider, and writes and produces short films and independent pilots, which include Time Pranx with Aaron Burdette (UCB’s Stone Cold Fox) and an untitled sci-fi musical with Katie Hartman (Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting), as well as a series of pretty smart/stupid cartoons that netted him the Channel 101 award for “Best Failed Pilot” in 2012.

With his co-host Mark, Andy produces and hosts the popular interview podcast Beginnings about the creative origins of writers and performers. Beginnings is also taped live on the second Tuesday of the month at UCB East. Intermittently, Mark and Andy also work as a duo named Wrestling Team. They produce stages shows, including the musicals Rockefeller Centaur and The Creep Twins - both of which were featured at the Boston Comedy Arts Festival - and videos, including the Channel 101 series Cents and Cents’ Abilities. Their spec pilot Grumpkin Hollow was a finalist in the 2012 New York Television Festival/Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition.

Andy’s videos and writings can be seen here, and you can find him writing jokes and nonsense on Twitter. You can also find him on Instagram, if you really want to, but be warned that it is mostly cute cat pictures, which a friend of his has already given him a somewhat stern lecture about.




Wrestling Team is an ongoing collaboration between overall creative types Mark Bisi and Andy Beckerman.

This website will update you on Mark and Andy's own individual projects, as well as the projects on which they occasionally collaborate.

You can contact them at jokes@wrestlingteam.org.



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