January 19th, 2011
Ep. 13: Jon Wurster
Wrestling Team

What leads people into comedy? What’s it really like starting out? How can you build a lasting career? Each month, Wrestling Team interviews other comedians on their Beginnings.

Episode thirteen, our almost-anniversary, features Wrestling Team favorite Jon Wurster. When he’s not drumming for Superchunk or A.C. Newman or The Mountain Goats or any other number of acts, he is one-half of the comedy duo Scharpling and Wurster. Along with producer and director Tom Scharpling, host of The Best Show on WFMU, the two create partly-scripted phone calls where Wurster plays different characters, from unabashed Philly fan Philly Boy Roy to geriatric Fonzie-inspiration The Gorch and hundreds more. Grounded by Scharpling’s straight-man incredulity, the two have built up a vast fictional world centering around the made-up town of Newbridge, NJ. Jon sat down with us over Skype in mid-December to talk about Chris Elliott, SCTV, world-building, coming to comedy from being a professional musician and former MTV VJ Smash.

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