August 29th, 2012
Ep. 62: Gabrielle Bell
Wrestling Team

Where do creative people come from? On Beginnings, two fledgling comedians talk origins with professional creators and others just starting out, and hopefully answer their parents’ question, “What are you doing?”

On today’s show we talk to Gabrielle Bell. Gabrielle is a comics artist based in Brooklyn, whose books and short stories have been published on a number of indie presses, from Drawn and Quarterly to Fantagraphics, and in anthologies like Mome and Kramer’s Ergot. She also collaborated with filmmaker Michel Gondry on an adaptation of her story “Cecil and Jordan in New York” for the film anthology Tokyo. A few weeks ago, Gabrielle came over to the Manhattan Wrestling Team apartment and got in deep with us about what it means to be creative and interact with your audience, characters as representatives of your sweet id, and creative high school friendships.

On next week’s episode, we talk to performer and author Chris Gethard, but ALSO! Don’t forget the next Beginnings: Live at UCB East. It’s going to be incredible with Lizz Winstead (co-creator of The Daily Show and Air America Radio), David Rees (Get Your War On, How to Sharpen Pencils), and musical guest A.C. Newman (The New Pornographers)! Sept. 11th at 8pm!

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