October 25th, 2012
Ep. 24: Sex House
Wrestling Team
Beginnings: Field Guide

Every other week on Beginnings: Field Guide, creators deconstruct their favorite projects - from conception to finished product - in order to explore the many different paths the creative process can take.

On today’s show we talk to Geoff Haggerty and Sam West, two of the creators behind The Onion's YouTube webseries Sex House. Before becoming a writer on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, Geoff was the Creative Director for Onion Digital Studios and Sam is currently Head Writer. The remaining presence of The Onion in New York, Onion Digital Studios is responsible for producing videos for YouTube, which include a new series of TED-like talks, an incredibly dark food travelogue called Porkin’ Across America and of course, one of the best series - web or TV - to come out this year, Sex House, a bleak and hilarious Real World-esque satire. A few weeks ago, Geoff and Sam stopped by the Manhattan Wrestling Team apartment to chat about the origins of the show and spit some Kool Keith lines. It was fun!

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