March 30th, 2011
Ep. 16: Greg Proops
Wrestling Team

What leads people into comedy? What’s it really like starting out? How can you build a lasting career? Each month, Wrestling Team interviews other comedians on their Beginnings.

Listing all of Greg Proops’ credits would be a Herculean task. As the closest Wrestling Team gets to a Greek demigod is Stinkor from He-Man, we shall just list a few: Greg is one of the stars of the British and American Whose Line Is It Anyway?, he’s an incredible stand-up with an album on AST Records, and he hosts his own podcast The Smartest Man in the World, where he speaks extemporaneously and jocularly on any subject put before him. In mid-March, Greg was nice enough to sit down with us in-between sets at Carolines, which is located around Times Square across from that highly-regarded haute cuisine slophouse Mars 2112. Sitting in Greg’s dressing room with Greg, host Dan Soder and stand-ups Pete Holmes and Bill Santiago, we discussed dealing with audiences, Marxism, finding the right medium for an idea, Bill Hicks, the TSA and authority, Donald Rumsfeld and a crow named Dostoevsky.

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