February 28th, 2013
Ep. 86: Jonathan Mitchell
Wrestling Team

Where do creative people come from? On Beginnings, two fledgling comedians talk origins with professional creators and others just starting out, and hopefully answer their parents’ question, “What are you doing?”


On today’s show we talk to Jonathan Mitchell. Jonathan is a radio producer, composer and co-creator of the amazing podcast The Truth. As a producer, he’s created pieces for many shows including Radiolab, Studio 360, This American Life and All Things Considered. As a composer, he’s written music for PBS’ Nova and the videogame The Sims, and his radio drama podcast The Truth was named as one of the best podcasts of 2012 by iTunes.

Last week, Jonathan came over to the Wrestling Team apartment to give Andy a master class in pronunciations, as well as to reminisce about childhood tape recorders, chat about music theory and recording techniques and discuss studying with composer Alvin Curran.

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