May 12th, 2011
Ep. 19: Kevin Allison
Wrestling Team

What leads people into comedy? What’s it really like starting out? How can you build a lasting career? Each month, Wrestling Team interviews other comedians on their Beginnings.

Kevin Allison is the funny and kind founder of the Risk! podcast and member of the sketch group The State, who tore through comedy in the mid-90s, becoming a seminal humor moment for many teenagers of the day. When The State ended, Kevin was unsure of his direction, and spent a number of years pursuing different paths. Some problematic performing experiences eventually led him into dropping his fictional facade on stage, and he began true storytelling, starting The Risk! podcast and live show. Unlike a lot of other storytelling shows, Risk! encourages real, un-coached tales - some polished, some raw, some funny, others heart-wrenching. Kevin recently began building the show into a true business, and late in April, he sat down to talk with us about that, as well as being “special”, colluding with your therapist, Grinder, being yourself on stage, childhood, the power of an 11-member sketch group, the future of podcasting and pitching Party Down.

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