November 19th, 2010

The Weeping Skull

THE WEEPING SKULL was a monthly variety show hosted by the comedy duo Wrestling Team (Mark Bisi, Andy Beckerman) and stand-up/improviser Cory Palmer. Every month, these three goons presented an assortment of sketch groups and stand-ups for the crowd’s trembling delight. THE WEEPING SKULL was steeped in a stew of old showbiz enthusiasm and New Weird Comedy, and featured the best, most interesting acts in NYC.

art by Budai

Previous Shows:

Weeping Skull #8
Wednesday, November 17th
Legion Bar (Metropolitan btwn Graham & Humboldt, Williamsburg)
w/ Mike Lawrence
Jared Logan
Two Fun Men

Weeping Skull #7
Wednesday, October 27th
Legion Bar (Metropolitan btwn Graham & Humboldt, Williamsburg)
w/ Boris Khaykin
Claudia Cogan

Weeping Skull #6
Wednesday, August 25th
Parkside Lounge (Houston btwn B&C)
w/ Ilana Glazer
David Cope

Weeping Skull #5
Wednesday, July 28th
Parkside Lounge (Houston btwn B&C)
w/ Sean Patton
Nicole & Chris
The Feeko Brothers

Weeping Skull #4
Wednesday, June 23rd
Parkside Lounge (Houston btwn B&C)
w/ The Brood
Nick Zimmerman
Team Submarine

Weeping Skull #3
Wednesday, May 19th
Parkside Lounge (Houston btwn B&C)
w/ Dreadnought
Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting
Matt McCarthy

Weeping Skull #2
Wednesday, April 23rd
Parkside Lounge (Houston btwn B&C)
w/ Boat
Mark Normand
The Chris and Paul Show

Weeping Skull #1
Tuesday, March 9th
Spike Hill (Bedford & N. 7th, Williamsburg)
w/ Fat Penguin
Rue Brutalia
Sean Patton




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