September 7th, 2011

Wrestling Team @ Boston Improv Fest

Wrestling Team is doing their musical “Rockefeller Centaur” at the Boston Improv Festival this weekend. If you are in the Boston area, or you love comedy and long-range commutes, why not stop by the fest? There are tons of great acts, in addition to the newer, sleeker “Centaur”. And maybe you can eat some beans or throw away some tea or whatever it is they do there. We don’t get out much.

What: Rockefeller Centaur
When: Sunday, September 11, 6:00pm
Where: ImprovBoston Mainstage

Book and music by Wrestling Team
Directed by Matt Fisher
Starring Mark Bisi, Andy Beckerman, Danielle Cook, Will Cooper, Cory Palmer

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April 27th, 2011

Rockefeller Centaur @ UCB

Wrestling Team’s stage musical - Rockefeller Centaur - is going up at the UCB Theater as part of their SPANK block on May 19th! If this performance is a success, we will have the opportunity to perform a run of shows at the UCB. So if you like Wrestling Team, please come out and support us!

Rockefeller Centaur is a musical about corporate greed, union solidarity and magical creatures.

When the communications giant Xrntivy International hired sketch duo Wrestling Team (Mark Bisi, Andy Beckerman) to create a musical around their mascot, The Rockefeller Centaur, the two leaped at the chance to get paid to create art. But when Xrntivy stiffed them on their fee, they re-wrote the show to reveal all of Xrntivy International’s dark secrets. Follow Mark and Andy’s characters, Mark and Andy, as they go on a magical quest throughout their office building looking for their paychecks, as they learn the horrible truth about their employers on the way…as well as a couple life lessons!

And there’s a centaur!

Book, music and lyrics by Wrestling Team
Directed by Matt Fisher
Starring Andy Beckerman, Mark Bisi, Dan Chamberlain, and Will Cooper

Thursday, May 19
(307 W. 26th St.)

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December 6th, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 9:00pm, Under St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place)!

October 28th, 2010

On September 8th we debuted the first half of our stage musical “Rockefeller Centaur” at Sketch Block, Under St. Marks’ great monthly sketch show. The musical revolves around two office drones who uncover a mystical conspiracy at the massive corporation that employs them. Spoiler alert: It turns out that every character is an asshole. It was super fun. We will be returning to Sketch Block on December 8th to perform the full musical, but until then here’s a little appetizer.

August 14th, 2009

Rockefeller Centaur

In show’s business, you have to be prepared for constant rejection. When I pitched my latest passion project (“Rockefeller Centaur”) to myself, I immediately passed on it. I felt that it wouldn’t resonate with first chair cellists aged 49 to 36. I wasn’t discouraged, however. I decided to take my notes and try to address them while maintaining my own creative integrity. After bringing myself in to punch up the script, I was eventually able to reach a compromise with myself on the story beats and overall arc, and I, I and I were all quite pleased with I’s direction. I just goes to show me, I can’t make an omelette because I’m allergic to eggs.




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